Is Stankevicius MBU Group going to become a gold mogul enterprise?

Stankevicius MBU

Gold has been one of the most interesting and attractive markets for private investors and international venture companies for ages. Gold stock has not moved a lot during the last 6 months which made it really slow and boring for investors to make solid returns. Although gold did jump couple times between $1200 and $1300 still its volatility did not attract two Scandinavian companies from Finland and Norway to invest into stocks.

Private venture company Stankevicius Management Consulting from Finland which has been into gold trading for an active 24 months has partnered up, this weekend, with a private company Majesty Business Utvikling from Norway forming a Stankevicius MBU Group to jump into physical precious metal trading.

The group has high-end clients from London, Dubai, New York, China, Singapore and other major financials cities in the world. Since the summer of 2017, Stankevicius MBU Group has been actively working in Ghana to establish the formal presence, legalize their company structure and establish a golden road between Africa and Europe.

Paulius Stankevicius, Founder of Stankevicius MBU Group says: "physical gold trading can and will affect the stock market tremendously when tons of gold will start rolling out on a monthly basis directly from Africa to UAE, UK, and Hong Kong, that's the next level profits and influence".

Majdi the CEO of Majesty Business Utvikling says: "I've been in commodity trading business for a very long time, and I have been involved in deals worth billions of dollars. Gold and oil are the main commodities on Earth that keep the economy alive. We can actually boost the global economy by supplying more gold to international markets."

Paulius Stankevicius says that the group should establish the first golden road by 2020 between Africa, Europe, and UAE. Dealing in gold with Africa is something very unique, hard, requires a lot of patience and yet somehow it is amazing how foreign buyers leverage gold deals.

Everybody wants gold in Africa because prices are cheaper and profits are higher but so is criminal activity and fraud. Foreign investors are losing millions to fraud every month.

Everybody knows that Africa holds huge business opportunities in trade, especially when it comes to gold, diamonds, and oil. The hardest part is capturing that opportunity. It's a tough challenge. As we know new opportunities come with new challenges and new challenges require new skills and new knowledge.

According to Stankevicius MBU Group, the demand for gold is only growing and it could lead LBMA prices jumping up to $1.500 per oz. Nor China or US and neither Europe would ever sell gold at a discount rate, but Africa and South America will do that and that's where the foreign investors will be visiting the most in the next 5 years.